About Stormywiz

Our Postcards

Long gone are the days of the Golden Age of Postcards! The days when old fashioned newsstands, street vendors, and souvenir shops commonly exchanged printed goods for spare change. The times when you could simply reach into the wool lining of your coat pocket, uncover a shiny nickel, and exchange it for three freshly printed postcards of your choice. While those days are behind us, the nostalgic yearn for historic snapshots, lithography, and the artistic décor emblematic of those times still tugs at our heartstrings. In our shop, you will still find many of these vintage postcards in all sorts and varieties. Some of them will even be in the pristine shape with which they were once displayed. Think of us as an online postcard kiosk, where long-treasured memories of an era gone by, are still very much alive!

Our Journey

Our journey begins inside an early 1900’s estate in Alachua County, Florida. There, inside an antiquated bookcase, sits a leather-bound album. It is colorfully decorated and etched with two words: Post Cards. It once belonged to a local farmer who would collect cards that pictorially depicted his travels throughout the Southeastern US. Fast forward to the 90’s, as we’re perusing through an antique shop, we find that very same album laid out in an area consigned with vintage ephemera. Having never seen such niftily organized cards, we conversed with the shop owner as he explained the origins of his finding. At that moment, we became postcard collectors. Throughout the years, we’ve spoken to many collectors, historians, authors, and enthusiasts who recount their stories of how they got started. Stories of entering into this hobby out of happenstance, intrigue, or in search of reconnecting with a piece of the past. It's these stories that grow our ambition for deltiology and inspired us to open an online store named Stormywiz. In 1999, with only a few thousand cards in inventory, we founded our company with a long-term objective of sharing our passion with collectors worldwide. Today, we have grown to amass tens of thousands of cards and many more stories to share.

Our Mission

There’s something about that feeling of anticipation, waiting for the mailman to arrive. In the early days, that feeling was associated with the delivery of a postcard. Today, it’s more analogous with receiving a package of goods you’ve purchased online. Still, postcards have come a long way from their initial printed runs of millions in the early 1900’s. Today, the exchange of printed media comprises of multi-billions of both stamped and presorted postcards. And that’s because there’s always something to share and a platform to share it with. We believe, a physical postcard will always provide a memory to be cherished. It is our mission to continue the time-tested practice of sharing memories and stories through collectible postcards.